Wednesday, October 27, 2010

pumpkin patch

Mike and I took Cayden to the Irvine pumpkin patch yesterday and had alot of fun! Cayden seriously had soo much fun...he just looked soo excited the whole time and was taking everything in!
Cayden got to go on his first train ride which was really takes you all along the park and we even had a little train conductor/tour guide telling us the history of the park We went through a hay maze which as you can see was really simple for Mike since he saw clear over the hay stacks (what a cheater!)

Cayden was soo excited sitting on this pony was really cute

They had a little haunted house you could walk through..

Cayden loves dogs..well animals in I knew he would love the horses and I was right..he just smiled and laughed the whole time..

He loved the hay and wanted to eat it

After the pumpkin patch we went walking around the park..there were a ton of ducks and peacocks which was fun
Cayden was pooped....too much excitment for one day!

that night we made home made sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins =)


kristina and ryan said...

i lve that place! we went there last year. cayden is so cute!i love his little hallween shirt.

Jason and Tammy said...

Thats Looks like such a Fun Place!!

Heather said...

I don't know whose smile is bigger..his or the jack o' lantern's on his shirt!! Adorable!

Andy and Melissa said...

So I have decided Cayden is probably the most happy and smiley baby ever to exist... he is so smiley it is adorable!