Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter weekend!

This was a special Easter for us because it was Cayden's first and even though he is not at the age to really understand much we still made it a lot of fun =)
The fun started on Friday..first we had to get a few shots of the Easter Bunny..

I have never seen these before but they have eggs you put in water and within 48 hours it hatches! It was only a dollar and I will admit..Mike and I were the ones excited about it..but Cayden was the one to drop it in the water which as you can see he seemed to enjoy..

After, we made Easter cards for the grandparents!

Then it was time to dye the Easter eggs!!
Cayden didn't really get to do a whole lot here but still had fun watching mommy and daddy..

These two are pretty funny..

On Saturday we were going to try and go to an Easter egg hunt but got there a few minutes late and it was already over =( but it was such a nice day so we decided to go on a walk and we stopped at the school to let Cayden have some fun!

This is what the egg looked like on Saturday...

After our walk Mike and I did our usual Easter egg hunt which we love where one of us takes up stairs and the other down and we hide eggs switch and try and find the eggs first...then we let Cayden have a little hunt too..

Cayden has a new fascination with plastic eggs..

He hatched! Poor guy was all deformed and wouldn't come out anymore than that so we had to pull him out ourselves..I don't think he was quite done..

On Easter Sunday...cayden was probably the worst he has ever been at church and really needed a nap when we got home so I was sadly never able to get him in his Easter outfit...that night we had a really nice family dinner. We had absolutely delicious food..Mike said it was the best ham he has ever had..we tried it in the slow cooker..and had fun spending time together as a family =)


*Lauren* said...

That's what happeneds. Seth never made it in his outfit either. I have father/son matchy ties that never got worn :( Very cool Cayden was all into easter eggs....next year will be even more fun!

Brian and Ally said...

Aww! Next easter we have to have an egg hunt together! Miss you guys!