Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Class of 2011!

I can't believe our chapter in Idaho is already over! Mike graduated on July 22 which in fact was also his 26th Birthday. Sadly that day was probably the most stressful for us and not relaxing but it will be a day we will never forget. Mike's parents were able to arrive on Tuesday and my parents drove up on Wednesday. With everyone there, there was only one place to go for dinner...Big Juds!
Not sure if any of you have seen this place on tv or not but that big round thing below us is our Burger..

On Thursday we were able to pick up the moving van and load up everything but we had a little fun before that. Mike had to stay home to take his last final but the rest of us headed over to the school and both grandparents got cayden stuffed animals which he loved and we also got the famous mint brownies. After we went and got snow cones and headed over to the splash park!

Grandma got to take Cayden on the carousal
Friday was a stressful day, we woke up early and made a nice big breakfast for everyone because Friday was checkout day which meant we had to clean and clean and do more cleaning. Luckily we were able to get done in enough time to get ready for graduation!
There were two parts to the graduation, the first was everyone who was graduating was all together and then they would separate into different departments.

I tired to take a picture of Mike's name in the program but it came out blurry..his is the 3rd name down under Accounting.In between the two ceremonies we were able to get some pictures!
My sister and her husband, my moms brother and his wife and my mom's mom were all able to make it up as well..we were so grateful to everyone that came =)

Waiting for the second part to start!
By then Cayden was pretty restless so my dad and Mike's dad hung out with him and let him run around but I happened to turn around to see this...not the best picture of him folding his arms but it was still really cute.

When it was time for them to receive their diplomas they said those that want to take pictures can go to a specific area which was on the opposite side of where we were sitting but I was determined to get some good photos so I ran over there not knowing when he was going to be called and when I did spot him my camera was not taking pictures! I was soo sad but this is the only decent one I got, it didn't help that it was pretty dark in there.

I am sooo proud of Mike. He has worked soo hard this past year and a half and I am really grateful for the sacrifices he has had to make to better his education and support our family. He also went out with a bang, he was taking 17 upper division classes and still managed to get all As!
After the long day we surprised Mike with a little Birthday celebration. We got a German chocolate cake which he loves and ice cream and sang..
The next day we got up before the sun and headed home to California! We drove straight which made it another very long day but we are here!


Little Farmer Family said...

Congrats!!! Im so sad I didn't get to hang out with you more and didn't run into u guys at graduation...austins little sister graduated so we were there too :) Where are you guys living at in CA now?

J + A said...

Congrats Mike!! Looking at your pictures at Big Judd's, I miss that place. It was so yummy. Anyways, we are so happy that you guys have finally moved back to beautiful California!

*Lauren* said...

What a huge burger!! I've never heard of the place. Is it in other states? Congrats Mike! Where are you going to be in CA? Cayden is looking so big too!