Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Grandma

My Great Grandma passed away at the age of 93. It was the only Great great Grandma left for Cayden and sadly he was never able to meet her but we were lucky enough to drive up to Utah with my parents on the 19th to attend the Funeral.
I was not expecting to have to make a long drive anytime soon after moving but luckily its a little shorter than Idaho but still a very long drive.
My mom was trying to keep Cayden's head propped up while he was sleeping and we thought he looked silly..He only took a half hour nap the whole drive up but luckily was still a great traveler.
We went straight to my Uncle Bob's (mom's older brother) and Aunt Kim's house to be with all of the family and have some dinner..
There was this cute little boy driving around in this jeep and of course Cayden being obsessed with cars wanted to go for a ride..he had the biggest smile on his face the whole time and the kid was taking him off curbs and trying to show off for all of us adults..after about 5 times of going for a ride we thought maybe some of the other kids should get a turn..Cayden couldn't get enough of it =)

Nana and Far Far with all of their Great Grand kids..Sadly Mike had to stay home which I really didnt like..we have only been apart one other time so I missed him like crazy..
On Saturday we attended the service which was really beautiful. I really enjoyed learning about her life...she was an amazing and very talented woman.
I was really grateful to be able to see my Great Grandpa and have Cayden meet his Great great Grandfather for the first time
That night we ate at Cafe Rio and hung out at my Aunt and Uncles and then the next morning we met up with some very good family Friends and had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel...
They have this adorable shop in the front which I was loving because they had some really cute holiday stuff out and they also have a bunch of rocking chairs out front so we decided to all test them out after breakfast and visit..
Mom and Shelly..

They guys..
After Breakfast we headed off to Nevada to visit my Brother Brian and Ally..they live near the airport so the planes that fly over are nice and low. Cayden also loves to find airplanes in the sky so he loved watching them fly by with his Uncle Brian..
We ate some dinner with them and then we had to say our goodbyes and head was a really short trip for a long drive but it was worth it and I am grateful to have been able to go.


K♥C said...

Im so sorry to hear about your great grandma. That is very cool that Cayden got to meet his great great grandpa, not to many people get to be that luck :)
is that cracker barrel in St George? if so Ive been to that one, how funny! I loved all the decor too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey darling photos thanks for posting Katie.. Two foxy mamas ..hahah ... so nice to see you all.. loved it ,even if only a short time.. hugs to all shelly big hugs for Cayden.. he is a cutey ..