Monday, April 2, 2012

A whole quarter!

Even though it has almost been a month since my Birthday, I still cant believe I am 25. This year I was able to celebrate it for a whole week of some fun times with my family. Mike and I decided to have my Birthday dinner on Thursday which was the day of my Birthday at Outback since we both like it but never want to pay to eat there =) I happened to see on Monday that you could get a free bloomin onion that day only so we decided last minute to go!
I love these two...
Cayden eating a lemon and I think enjoying it..

I think Cayden just wanted to get back to coloring..

The food was delicious and we stuffed our faces, and I could not wait for the spotted dog sundae! Most people don't seem to know about it since it is on the kids menu.
Cayden eating most of it..

On my actual Birthday, Mike came home and told me I had an appt at 4. It was for a body massage! I was soo excited! I get really bad knots all the time in my shoulders and was in need of one since it had been years since my last. I loved every painful and enjoyable minute of it. The lady that worked on me even said I am a lot more knotted than most =( so it was much needed!
The day after that our wonderful freinds Jared and Amanda took us out for dessert at the melting pot. We have never been and were excited to try it. It was delicious and we had a great time!
Mike and Jared are the reason for this sign being posted from back when they were in high school..
On Saturday my sweet mom wanted to take me out for one of my favorites, Cafe Rio! It was really rainy and on our way, we almost turned around since the drive was so scary on the freeway. We both wanted it soo bad so we stayed on and luckily the rain slowly died down and we made it in one piece! We ate sooo much and loved every minute of it except for how uncomfortable we were after...
After lunch we went to the Brea mall and went shopping!
On Sunday we had a Birthday dinner with the family. My Nana and far far even came over to celebrate!
They gave Cayden his Easter basket early..

I had such a great week with my family and friends, it would not have been the same without every one of them and am so greatful to have you all in my life =)


shira said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you guys are doing well! Cayden is such a cutie! His smile is absolutely adorable.