Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Right after the Easter egg hunt at the park we went home and got ready for Easter at Mike's parents house!
It is so nice to have the cousins close in age..

We attempted to have a little group shot of the grand kids but Roger sadly wasn't cooperating..

So sweet...

After pictures, it was pool time! The pool felt AMAZING..the water was in the 80s, I could have been in there all day...and so could Cayden, he loves the water soo much!

Cayden loved the waterfalls, but really only because he wanted to drink the water..

After swimming we did Easter eggs! I was glad we did this since we didn't end up doing at home. Cayden wasn't really into it and just wanted to drink the colored water..maybe next year.

After that we had a delicious Easter feast and then we did an Easter egg hunt in the house where the kids got lots of cute treats from Grandpa and Grandma. It was a really nice day =)


K♥C said...

that sounds like a lot of fun!! maybe next year cayden can come over for our egg coloring party ;) Im going to sign up for swimming lessons for heather this summer.. want to go together? probably at glendora high, they have a good program and one i can do after work =)

Karene said...

So cute. Love that he wanted to drink the colored water and water falls. Clearly he is a thursty boy!