Tuesday, May 1, 2012

California Science center

On Friday the 13th,Cayden and I went with my mom, sister and her husband and some family from Utah to the California Science center! I had never been and was excited to see what was inside but a little hesitant since Cayden isn't the ideal age for this type of place. Luckily he did great and seemed to really enjoy it!
It was really rainy and super cold that day..

We went and saw a 3D movie about the Hubble, I again was a little hesitant because I thought for sure Cayden would not leave the glasses on and then the movie would just be blurry for him. Luckily it was only about 45 mins so I thought I would give it a try!
Well I was wrong! He wore the glasses!
Well not the entire time but most of it! At first he was getting freaked out by all the objects shooting out at him but then he thought it was hilarious..I am so glad he enjoyed it!

After the movie we headed over to lunch, luckily by then most of the schools had left (it was packed when we got there). My mom and I were very very sad to let go of our Diet cokes to go back..
Wall of ice..

There was also a small section which was an aquarium..

My Uncle Bob got my mom and I to go into a wind tunnel that is supposed to replicate a hurricane, I thought it would be fun to get Cayden in there too..

I think Cayden thought he was flying..he probably would have been if I let him go!
We headed over to the gift shop before we left, I think I found my new calling =)
This is sadly the only semi-group shot we have..my cousin Christie, husband, and 3 kids are missing

I was really excited to give Cayden the gift I got him from the gift shop but I wanted to wait till we got home since Mike wasn't able to go with us. Cayden loves planes and doesn't have a toy one so I knew he would love it, and he does!
Ready for take off!!


K♥C said...

that place looks like so much fun!!

*Lauren* said...

Fun!! I've got so many of your posts to catch up on.....on to the next!

Karene said...

So adorable, I love his big cheesy smile.