Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cayden's Birthday part 1!

Cayden turned two on the 15th which was the Sunday of our crazy busy weekend. We still wanted to make his actual Birthday a little special so the night before Mike and I went and got him donut man. He loves the round sprinkle ones so he was excited to have a nice healthy breakfast before we headed to church! =)

That night we went over to our Nana and Far Far's house for a family party. We had a lot of family down from Utah for the Wedding so we thought it would be nice to get together one last time before they headed home. Plus we were able to celebrate Cayden and Far Far's Birthday!
My Aunt and Uncle got him a Fire truck for his Birthday and it was extremely hard to open, it literally took everyone 5 to 10 mins just to get it out of the package..but it was so cute watching Cayden patiently waiting for it..
They had no idea he has a huge obsession with Fire trucks so it was a perfect gift..
The next day Uncle Bri bri gave him his gift..he got a train whistle (he is also obsessed with trains) and a harmonica which he loves and plays both well, especially the harmonica.
These two are so cute together, they have a special little bond..

That night we went to Don Jose's for Dinner! Unfortanately the service was awful, really really bad and we never have a problem there so because it was so late by the time we were done eating we didnt have them sing but luckily everyone got a good discount, and it was still nice to be together as a family =)