Monday, May 7, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Odom

The day after the California Science center, my Cousin Tami had her wedding on the 14th, it was on the beach and they asked if Cayden could be the ring bearer..needless to say I was very excited. It was really cold and windy but luckily was a beautiful day(it was raining a lot the day before).

Looking out at the ocean with Uncle Bri bri...

I was really anxious to see how Cayden would do. We had a dress rehearsal the night before and he did great! The walk down the isle with the flower girl started out good...
My cousin had a really pretty shell that opened and she tied the rings inside to a ribbon that Cayden held, it was a really cute idea..

And then for some reason Cayden stopped, and then everyone was calling him so he wasn't quite sure what was going on..
Luckily, my cousin Kari was able to come and get him..everyone got a good laugh
My cousin looked so beautiful

Having fun in the sand with his second cousin McKenzie

They gave the little ones flowers hoping that would get them to stay and Cayden was being pretty funny with them..
Since we were so close to Balboa we thought it would be fun to head on over and get some Balboa Bars before we needed to get to the reception..

It was a very long busy day but a lot of fun and it was nice spending the day with Family =)


Put A Ring on Me said...

what a happy family!!