Monday, May 28, 2012

Cayden's Birthday part 2!

On the 17th (of April, I am very behind on blogging), we took Cayden to the Aquarium of the pacific for his Birthday! I tried to get Cayden to take an early nap but of course he never fell asleep and then hoped for plan B to work which would be him sleeping on the drive over...he didn't do that either. So needless to say we were a little worried how he would be. Luckily we were able to walk the whole aquarium before the tantrum broke out!

We saw a little show on how they started transporting goods on the ocean which was not very entertaining for a 2 year old but it was shown on this globe which was pretty neat..

Cayden really wanted to touch the Sting Rays but his little arms were too short..but was able to touch some Jelly Fish!

After Cayden's horrible and embarrassing tantrum (on our end), we thought we would try to take a walk outside to see if he would fall asleep which again did not work so we called it a day and went home. Luckily we were still able to have a great time and Cayden loved it!!