Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cayden at 2

Cayden has changed soo much over the last 6 months and most of them are good changes. =) The biggest one is how much he talks! I didn't think he was ever going to put two words together and then one day out of the blue he did and is now our little talker. He doesn't say big sentences but can put 3 words together like "more milk please" etc...he picks up on a lot that way say, and will copy us. One of my favorite things that I cant get enough of is how he likes to sing! I sing to him every night and before I put him down for a nap and one day he just started to sing twinkle twinkle little star with me! The songs he does know and always wants me to sing are..twinkle twinkle little star, I am like a star, I am a child of God, Teach me to walk in the light, I love to see the temple, and popcorn popping. It is soo cute to see how he gets into the songs when he sings and how he squints his little eyes..I love it and hope he sings later on in life and isn't afraid to. Cayden never used to watch TV, even when I had it on but now, maybe because he is older, he wants to watch it almost every morning. He only asks for "Mickey on" but also loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Little Einsteins, and Doc Mcstuffins. Luckily its only on in the morning for a little bit but he would probably like to watch it more if he was allowed too. Cayden loves to be involved in most everything I am doing, he loves to help me with the laundry or sweep the floor etc...its really cute and hope he continues to enjoy it for my sake! Cayden learned the whole alphabet shortly after 18 months and right after that got way into counting. He can only count to 10 and sometimes likes to leave out a number...lately it has been 6. Cayden thank goodness still loves his fruits and veggies and eats pretty much any kind, which we are so grateful for...when we went to Caydens 2 year check up she asked if he was on a vitamin and I said no does he need to be? She asked if he eats fruits and veggies everyday and when I said yes he loves them she looked at me suspiciously like she didn't believe me and was surprised that one of Cayden's favorites is Broccoli, just like his mommy, and a new one which we think is pretty funny is salad. Cayden loves music, he likes me to play it in the house and gets excited when we sing in church and if there is a special musical number he has to watch. His Uncle Bri Bri has been a big influence on him for that and I definitely think Cayden will be musically talented like him. Cayden is extremely active and needs to stay busy and loves to explore and get into stuff and see how things work. Cayden is the kind of kid that likes to hide the things he knows, I don't understand why he does, like one day I started to write his name in the sand at the park and I started with "C" and he spelled the rest? I have never even tried to teach him how to spell his name. Cayden is a big flirt and loves the attention he gets from people, mainly the girls. He will do anything to keep their attention too...this is definitely something mommy doesn't like!! Cayden can be such a hand full some days but he has such a sweet spirit about him I hope I never forget.
His Stats:
Weight...27 1/2 pounds (somewhere in the 40th%)
Height... 33 inches (19%)


K♥C said...

its so cute when they start singing along :) have you tried doing the hokey pokey with him? Heather cracks up!! doing that
I cant wait for swim lessons to start.. our little ones are going to have so much fun!

Janelle said...

Fun to read about your little man Katie. Cayden sure is a 'durn hansome cowhand'! :) Love ya.