Wednesday, October 24, 2012


On the 9th of September we had our annual trip to Carpinteria! The best part about our trip, was the fact that it was HOT and SUNNY! For a few years now, every time we go its cold and overcast so we were so happy! Like every year we had a great time eating lots of food(junk) and relaxing.
Cayden loves, loves, loves the beach!!

Sad we never got a group shot but at least we had a family shot =)

Mike trying to have some fun in the water with Carpinteria's little waves..

Cayden having fun with Uncle Scott..

Cayden attempting to surf on a boogie board with the help of Daddy and Auntie Julie.

making the " I love you" sign..
The ladies..

Playing catch with Auntie Julie..

We found this hilarious chair in my parents garage, and still, no one has a clue where it came from. What made it even better is that it matched Mike's bathing suit perfectly..

Eating dinner downtown..

The next day we decided to take Cayden way out into the water. Mike sat him on the boogie board and went over the waves with him. Cayden loved it!

Playing smash ball, I can't seem to get enough of that game.

Luckily cayden to a nap!

Cuddle time after nap time with Grammy!

We hate leaving every year and wish we could stay at least one more day but at least we can always look forward to next year!


Janelle said...

Katie, I just LOVE seeing pics of my super awesome cousins and family! Love you guys!

*Lauren* said...

Oooooo fun! I remember the one year I got to go with you guys, yes, wish it were hotter. Glad you got perfect weather. I'm missing the beach bad already. You guys are the cutest :)