Saturday, November 3, 2012

L.A. Fair

On the 22nd of September we took a family trip to the L.A. Fair! We were all able to get in for free which was great, the heat? Not so great but we still had a great time.
Cayden loved the petting area this year, he probably could have stayed there the whole time and had been fine. We thought it would be a good idea to opt out on feeding them, those animals get crazy!

This pig grabbed me out of nowhere and started dancing with me. Embarrassing for me, but probably entertaining for everyone else watching..
Cayden loves the tractors..

We always have to stop at the NHRA museum so Cayden and dad (mostly dad) can look at all of the race cars. It was really nice to get out of that heat for a while. Cayden loved pretending to race even though it was broken.

We were able to see the two pilots who flew the space ship here for the California Science Center, they were just walking around checking out the museum too.
Our cute little pirate..

He of course loved the pirate ship..

Daddy and Cayden running from the train!

He loved all of the trains! Last year he was terrified of the loud horns but this year he was the one pulling them over and over.

We had a great day =)