Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Disney time with Grammy!

My mom has really wanted to make a trip to Disneyland with Cayden ever since we had gotten passes but for her to get out of work is nearly impossible but on October 9th she did! She planned to go twice, once at Halloween and the second at Christmas. So we decided to spend the day at California Adventure! My mom hasn't seen several of the new rides including Cars land. We had such a great time, the weather was finally cool and it wasn't very crowded. We spent over 8 hours there so to say we were EXHAUSTED and the end of the day was an understatement. We went on every ride that Cayden could go on. I have to point out mainly because I think it's hilarious, for some reason almost every time we took a picture Cayden would say cheese and throw up his arm, I was just thrilled he would smile for the camera all day =)

I had found out about a water show put on by Goofy himself when I was there with my friend Amanda so we thought it would be fun to get a close spot and watch the whole thing. Cayden loved watching Goofy.

A cute Halloween bear..

We were cracking up, Cayden has only seen a bugs life once or twice and just seemed really awkward and confused..

We stopped at the Disney Jr. show and this time Cayden got into it which was fun to watch..
We decided to check out the Grizzly play area, Cayden has never been there and he had such a fun time. I think it was because he was able to run around like a crazy kid..
He loved all of the slides and went on them over and over..

It was starting to get late, Cayden was napless and looked exhausted and so were Grammy and I. The Ferris wheel had been closed all day and when we decided to head home we saw it was open! The line was pretty long but we went anyway..

We are soo glad Grammy spent the day with us and cant wait until December when we go to Disneyland!!