Friday, March 1, 2013

16 weeks

I turned 16 weeks on January 7th! By week 15 my all day nausea started to go away and was now just lingering at night. Eating a big dinner was not a good idea and I always had to have, pretzels, ritz crackers, or saltines by the bed. I was also starting to be able to stomach diet soda again so I would try and sip on that at night as well. This pregnancy has been so different, in the begining I was, well let's just say, a little crazy. My emotions were a little all over the place. Now its just emotional, I dont know if its the pregnancy or all of the stress we have been going through but I can shed a tear over just about anything. I am breaking out a little more than usual which of course I dont like. At 16 weeks I had still not put on any weight but figured it was due to the naseua. I can definately say I am showing a lot quicker with this little one..


Kristina said...

Youre so cute! By 16 weeks I probably put on a good 20 lbs. (Water weight) I had to stop wearing my wedding ring around 18/19 weeks. I swell so bad. Boo.

*Lauren* said...