Monday, March 4, 2013

Vicks and gum

I am realizing I really need to be better about writing things onto my blog that I would love to look back on/remember so with that, we had a fun couple days the last week or so. The first incident, Cayden was down for his usual quiet time, I feel no need to say nap time since it sadly is never hardly the case anymore. While he was in there he was being really quiet, I was excited hoping that meant he was asleep until he started calling me. I went over to his door and instantly knew what he was into. It didn't need a pregnant woman's nose to smell the Vick's coming from his room. I quickly open the door to find him on his bed with Vick's all over, I mean caked on his face, hands, hair, and bedding. I couldn't help but laugh but then the worry set in. I immediately asked if he had put ANY in his mouth which he always replied with a quick no. Cayden had a little cough so I was putting baby Vick's on his chest before bed and accidentally left it out on his dresser the night before, bad idea!! The Vick's lingered for a while in his room and his hair mainly, even after the bath.

The other incident happened yesterday. Mike and I were frantically making breakfast for dinner (tradition on fast Sundays) and had just found out the missionary's would be over because whoever was going to feed them canceled. Cayden we thought was laying in our bed watching Polar Express (yes still a favorite) when he comes running into the kitchen saying he ate gum. This has happened before so I repeated what I thought he said, he agreed and then proceeded that he ate all of them. I had a pretty new pack of Extra in my church bag that was thrown in our room in the rush to pick up the house for the missionary's. I rushed into the bedroom to find 9 wrappers of gum! And let me point out Extra has the big size pieces not little trident pieces. I of course was a little panicked and did my usual google search to find worse cases, like a little kid eating 30 pieces. And luckily the only thing would be diareah or constipation. Luckily it was diareah once.
We cant leave this little guy alone anywhere =)