Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Santa Ana Zoo!

Back on February 27th, the girls from my workout group and I took our little kiddos to the Santa Ana Zoo! I had never been there before so was excited to take Cayden, especially since he has never been to a zoo.

Unfortunately there was not much to look at, but we still had a great time..

We took a little break to eat some lunch while the kids got their energy out..

There was a cute carousal there and sadly Cayden picked the ONLY non moving one =( we of course didn't know this until it started to go so it was too late, but he didn't mind and still loved it!
This was the highlight to the trip for the kids. It ended up being and unexpected hot day but I think it was more or less the fact that they could actually reach the water.

Since Cayden is the tallest he would push the button for his little friends and they would all splash around with the water, it was cute to watch..


*Lauren* said...

How does he look so big? Sheesh!