Friday, April 26, 2013

24 weeks!

The problem with being so behind on your blog is you forget all of the little details you wish you would have remembered but I will do my best! On March 4th I turned 24 weeks! The main cravings that stick out I am not sure that I have mentioned in the past are Turkey sandwiches, this is an odd one to me. It needs the works though, lettuce, tomato etc. Another besides the major sweet tooth is a specific sweet craving, chocolate and peanut butter. This year started out to be a tough "cold" year. I unfortunately got two really bad colds. The first time was right around 25 weeks and the next time was about two weeks or so later, that one was really bad. I was pretty miserable and it was not fun since you really cant take medicine. I am definitely feeling bigger with this one which has made me feel good, keeping my fingers crossed she grows OK! We love watching her move all around which was becoming a lot more visible around this time =)


Janelle said...

Sorry its been so rough - the scriptures about opposition ring clearly in these cases, don't they? You are lookin' good Katie darling! Here's to a not so cold-filled last trimester!