Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Birthday

Well I hate to admit it but I don't really remember all that much about my Birthday ( I mean it was a whole two months ago and all). I do remember always forgetting it was coming and always having to think about how old I was turning =) On March 15th I turned 26 and was surprised in the morning with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my mom..

I do remember that Cayden gave me the best birthday present ever! He napped which NEVER happens, and it was a nice long one too! I had been wanting to go to Disneyland that day since we are hardly ever able to and the original plan was to leave Cayden with my mom and go with our friends Jared and Amanda but since Cayden napped I couldn't help but feel guilty if we went without him..
It ended up being freezing that night which worked to my advantage because I got a delicious warm clam chowder bowl which hit the spot.
I just couldn't resist..