Thursday, September 12, 2013

Holy cheeks?

Well we yet again had to make another trip to the Urgent care on July 24th. A few days before that I was noticing that Cayden was constantly chewing on something in his mouth. I would always ask him what he was chewing on and he would always reply "nothing". On the 24th he out of nowhere felt miserable. Everything and anything was killing him when he ate, he was in a lot of pain and in tears most of the day. I decided that morning to take a look in his mouth to find big chunks gone in the back of both sides of his mouth. It did not look good at all and researching online wasn't really helping.
I found Cayden like this....this is not normal.

Luckily my sweet sister was able to take us to Urgent care and to my embarrassment they all remembered us from a few months earlier with the orange peel incident.
I didn't want to have an experience like last time but luckily all they were going to do was look in his mouth so we were practicing while we waited for the doctor.
Unfortunately they said it was just from him chewing and there was nothing they could do, I was sure he had something! So the next few days about the only words out my mouth were, "cayden don't chew, stop chewing" and luckily within a few days they were all better =)