Friday, September 6, 2013

One month!

Ellie turned one month in a blink of an eye and has changed soo much since birth! She is such a sweet happy baby. She is sleeping even better at night which is very nice for me and is still a great eater. I love seeing her awake more and more, she loves tummy time which is nice. When we took her to the doctor she weighed in at 10.2 lbs and 21.5 inches!

Having fun at Nana's house for a swim day..

The day she turned one month, not looking very happy while running errands with mommy..

She is always all smiles whenever her big brother is around..

Love this little cutie..

Waiting for the doc at her one month check up!


*Lauren* said...

Love reading all of these posts. You're doing great girlie!