Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City Halloween fun!

Our city had a little trunk or treat night on the Friday before Halloween, so my mom came out and we headed over!

Cayden was having a lot of fun getting lots of candy...

They had a reptile area so Cayden was able to pet a snake but did not want to hold one..

So I did, tried to put him on my shoulders but he apparently really liked my hair!

Sweet Ellie was having a good time..

We waited in line for face painting for a LONG LONG time, it felt like forever and it was getting closer and closer to the event ending but they had cut everyone off from joining the line a couple people behind me so I thought we were good. Well they ended up turning all of the lights off outside which made it a little hard to face paint so we were not able to do that =( Luckily my mom was in another line for balloons and of course Cayden wanted a spiderman one =)
After we had some yummy shakes way too late, we had a good night!