Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Halloween morning!

Halloween morning we did our traditional downtown Halloween trick or treating. I think I like going to this as much as Cayden does, I just love towns like this and miss it. Cayden was able to go this year with his best friend Russell and he was so excited about it, he insisted on holding his hand just about the entire time..

Daddy was able to take the morning off to join in on the fun as well as papa..

After getting way too much candy we went to lunch with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa..

Before we headed home we had to go see Nana and Far Far as well at Far Far's office. He let Cayden go in one of the trucks but the minute he talked about starting it up Cayden wanted OUT of there =)

It was a busy morning but a ton of fun!!


Janelle said...

They both look super cute. I love those pics of Cayden holding his friend's hand. :)