Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Air show!

On January 10th we went to the Chino air show with my dad! The kids (especially Cayden) had soo much fun! We got him a couple turns on the blow up slides, I don't think he can get enough of those...

Mike was able to stay for most of it but sadly had to leave early to go to work..

We got a front row seat to see the parachuters which the kids loved...

This picture makes me laugh so hard, I thought it was cute to see Ellie and Papa walking along holding hands but then Cayden ended up "photo bombing" the picture! Tell me that isn't a creepy face..


K♥C said...

next year we will plan on going together or at least plan a day to go to the museum :)
YES!! that is a creepy face Cayden has... .that is hilarious!!! he's def up to something!