Thursday, September 17, 2015

Disney with Grammy!

On February 2nd we headed to Disneyland for most of the day. Grammy met us as soon as she could get out of work to have some fun with us too! So cayden decided that he did NOT like pirates, which is a ride he used to love and HAD to go on every time we went. So we tried and tried to convince him to go on it every time we made a trip to Disneyland but he would never give in...until today! Mike and I were soo excited to finally be able to go on it again, and sadly it was the last. He told us he never wanted to go on it again! Well at least we tried..

We never go on the rockets and finally decided to give them a try with Ellie. Her and I got in one and the minute we sat down she was ready to get out!! Luckily the ride hadn't started yet =)

We have never taken the kids into the rotating building so we thought we would try that out...

I think Caydens favorite part of the day was being able to ride the Monorail for the first time!!

The kids loved it!!

While Ellie took a nap in the stroller, Cayden and I went to Toon Town to play around and say hi to Pluto..

The kids were soo excited when Grammy finally made it!!

Cayden decided to brave this one again, I had no idea why because he was not happy the last time he went on it and I think he got a quick reminder of that..

We decided to try out the fun little carnival games they have and the kids both one some stuffed animals..

We were excited to check out the new frozen land as well! The kids loved the snow even though it was sooo slippery!! Poor Cayden ate it quite a few times..

We even got to say hi to Olaf!

After a lot of convincing to Mike, we got him to take Cayden sledding which I think they both loved.
We were pretty exhausted at the end of the day but had soo much fun!!