Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cadyen's Birthday

Cayden has always wanted to go to pizza port (AKA Johns incredible pizza) so when I saw they were having a really good deal on Tax day which happens to be his birthday, I knew we needed to go! We all ate as much as we could at the buffet then headed over to have some fun!!

I could not believe Cayden wanted to go on this but he did...and loved it!!

The boys tried out some miniature golfing which was Caydens first time and he actually did really good!

Grammy decided to join in..

After all of the fun we deicded to cool off with the all you can eat Slurpees..

Saying the kids had a blast is definitely an understatement..what a great way to spend the day of his birth =)


K♥C said...

that place is soooo much fun! (I like it so much better than chuck e cheese) that flying spinning thing is a blast! we will add this to our play date list :) :)