Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Caydens's Birthday party

I have to say this birthday party was my favorite one so far. I made it an effort to not go above and beyond and spend way too much time with everything like I usually do. We kept everything simple and had a huge surprise for Cayden which he was completely unaware of!

The theme he wanted was fireman and so I had a couple cute games for the kids to do while we waited for the surprise..

I got the call and sent all of the fireman out front..

We were able to find an actual fireman who does birthday parties on the side..the kids LOVED it!! They all got to sit in the firetruck and Cayden got to turn on the siren..

They talked to them all about their equipment etc..

They even got to try it on..Cayden almost tipped over..

They played tug a war with the fire hose which was so cute to watch..the fireman even got in on the action and went against all of the kids..

Cayden got to roll up the fire hose..

This was probably one of their favorite parts..getting to spray the can tell just by the smile on Cayden's face!

They all got drenched..

This was definitely at the top of the list..riding on top of the firetruck around the block..the kids were soo excited!!

We had dinner and a firetruck pinata after the fireman left..

Then it was present time!

These pictures sadly came out blurry which is so sad because he was SOO happy!! He had been wanting this for forever and so a few of us all pitched in to get it for him...

I would say he had a pretty awesome birthday..