Monday, December 7, 2015

Danny & Clint's wedding

Mike's Cousin Danny finally married her very long time boyfriend in Hurricane Utah on June 6th so we decided to make it a little mini vacation and be with the family! Mike's Dad was sweet enough to book us a room with his timeshare. We felt so spoiled! The room was more like an apartment and there was playgrounds, pools and a gym. With it being June and all we spent a lot of time in the pool. I had recently purchased a water camera which we were having fun playing with..

On one of the days we drove to kanab to see Mike's Aunt and Uncle who happens to have a bunch of "toys". At first Cayden would not even go near any of them and with some convincing we got him to loosen up and he was in heaven!!

I think both of their smiles says it all..

I even drove a little bit but of course much slower ;)

Cousin love..

Cayden got to literally drive the can see Uncle Chucks hands in the air to prove it..

Digging up some dirt..

On the last day we were there we decided to walk around the St. George temple which was so beautiful!

We had a great trip!!