Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Splash Pad

We decided to start the Summer off with some fun so we headed over to a really fun splash pad on June3rd! It was nice and hot which was nice, Cayden was about the only one who really got in the water..

They have two really big playgrounds there as well which are designed for special needs children which is really sweet. The kids loved the swings..

We had a great time having fun in the sun!


K♥C said...

is this over by your house? that looks great and lots of fun I wish they had more around
I have noticed they are putting in more swings like that.. they have one at south hills park too

*Lauren* said...

Oh my goodness I've missed so much!!!! I haven't blogged since last year and I'm trying to get caught up now. Ellie is SO BIG!!!! And I've heard a lot about Mia but haven't seen her yet. Can't wait to get back to blogging regularly again and reading blogs again!!