Saturday, January 2, 2016

4th of July Parade

I was so excited to not only find out the 4th of July parade was right by our house, but also that they did it on the 2nd which meant we were able to enjoy the celebrations more! It started to sprinkle on our walk to the street so I had to run back and grab my water camera which means the pictures aren't great but its something!

I seriously have some major goof balls...

Cayden was having SO much fun running out into the street to grab as much candy as he could..

We hadnt had the chance to celebrate Ellie's birthday yet with my family so since we were together we decided to!

Ellie loved all of her gifts!

We ate pizza and made a cake for Ellie..

Daddy telling her to make a wish..

After that we headed back out to watch the firework show which also happened to be right by our house..we really lucked out!!
We all had such a fun day!