Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Lake!

On July 13th we spent the day on the lake with family. We had SOO much fun and were really glad that Dad was able to join us this time..

Cayden remembered how much fun we had last time so we was looking forward to this trip for days..

Cayden wishing he was the captain of the "ship"

So Cayden became obsessed with Japanese Beatles this summer, we encountered a lot of them and I REALLY don't like them so he was so excited when he found one on the water!!

Time for the raft! Cayden was not really happy to go with the little girls because it meant going really slow..

so he was so happy when it was the boys turn!

Cayden kept putting his thumb up into the air to tell Amy to go faster..

touching the water..

So Mike and Scott went by themselves and this picture says it all..I cant even tell whose body part belongs to whose..

It was such a fun day out on the water but man were we wiped out!!
We of course needed to end a perfect day with a perfect dinner at Cafe Rio =)


K♥C said...

what a gorgeous day! So glad Cayden has no fear of jumping right in =) I dont like those scarab beetles either.. Heather thinks they are so funny! eewww!!!