Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2 1/2!

Cayden turned 2 1/2 on October 15th, I still don't know where the time is going, someone let me know if they find out. I went back on the blog to read the things cayden was doing at the age of 2 and feel like I have a completely different child. Its amazing how much they change in 6 months. Cayden is definitely a toddler. We were so happy the day we could finally have a conversation with him and discuss things with him to where he could understand what we were trying to say. It has lowered the tantrums, hitting and anger a lot. Most people who meet Cayden always ask me if he talks, he usually wont say more than a few words around people he doesn't know, which makes me laugh because he is a talker. He might not say much to unfamiliar faces but boy will he do anything to show off and get their attention which makes me wonder if he is really shy or not. Cayden still has such a love for music. I feel he is going to be very musically inclined and hope he plays an instrument. In church whenever we sing or there is a special musical number he is all ears and is always asking to have the music on in the car. He loves to sing! His favorite church song is Faith and sings it with me which I love, and I love to see the Temple and I am trying to be like Jesus. He also sings Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me and Happy Birthday on a daily basis. I think the biggest change is Cayden is potty trained!! I was dreading that time thinking it was going to be very challenging and hard but luckily Cayden did great! Of course there were a few accidents but not many and after the first week I finally had the guts to take him out without a diaper and he did so good. He luckily (good and bad) wants to go to the bathroom at every store we go to, I just always know that it will be our first stop whenever we are out. He does still wear a diaper at "nap" time and at night but other than that he is diaper free! Another thing is the whole "napping". we have struggled with it, some days he does, MOST days he does not. I wish he would, he gets into a horrible mood every night on the days he doesn't so I know he isn't ready to stop but I still lock him in his room every day for a couple hours which doesn't bother him or me on bit =) For a while Cayden wanted to watch any Disney movie, mainly cars just so he can see Disneyland in the very beginning before the movie starts. He figured out how to use the buttons on the tv and would just skip back to watch it over and over. Luckily he finally started to actually watch the movie. For a couple weeks he wanted to watch Cars 2, at least the first 15 mins or so and then would start it over. Then we introduced him to the nightmare before Christmas because of Halloween and he wanted to watch that every day more than once a day. He still loves to watch cartoons in the morning which I try and limit it to morning only. Cayden finally has all of his teeth! It seemed to take forever and ever to get those last 4 molars in but they are and I am relieved. Cayden has an amazing memory. He remembers everything! Names and places especially. He is very good with Direction, like when a train track will be coming up or where we might be headed. An example that happened a couple months ago was when I had taken him to my moms office just once. A few weeks later we were at a stop light right next to the building and he pointed and said Grammys work! Or I buy the walmart brand Nutrigrain bars and the other day he picked up the box and said these are from Walmart, or when he picked up a Stater Borthers receipt and knew it was from Stater Bros. I don't know how he picks up on and remembers everything.  He loves Costco and Walmart and is always happy to go with me there since I try to make grocery trips without him. I think I just grocery shop too much. Something Cayden has recently grown out of is his love to dress himself up while he is supposed to be napping. My favorite day was when I went to get him out and he looked like this. Its usually just the socks and always his church shoes that he will have on but this day he went all out. Decided he wanted to wear his undies, a beanie and sun glasses along with of course his socks and shoes.
Cayden can be a little terror and drive Mike and I crazy but then we try to remember his sweet heart and innocence. I feel I take out our stresses of life on him sometimes, weather its not enough patience or getting upset about something small, raising my voice or just wanting to snap but even when I do, he is so forgiving, even just a few minutes after. I love that and wish I could be more like that. He brings such a sweet spirit into our family and we love him so much.


Julie said...

Scott: Just great Katie! With a picture like this on the Internet how is Cayden ever supposed to become President! I hope you know you've ruined his political career. Lol.