Monday, December 3, 2012

Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch

This year for Halloween we checked out the Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch. I am pretty sure I said last year that I never wanted to go again, it was extremely hot and very very crowded so I have no idea what made me want to go. Maybe it was the cooler weather but it was still crowded. I guess all that matters is that Cayden had a fun time which he did =)

Cayden saw this stack of hay and went right to climbing..
He loved being at the top, definitely doesn't have a fear of heights like his mommy..

Cayden pulled off the stem of the pumpkin..
The good old arm raise and say cheese came back for a visit =)
A couple days later Cayden did his own Halloween craft! We let him do most of it as you can see but some of it he wanted me to do. He loved his little bat which hung in his room..


K♥C said...

I have a ton of construction paper my cousin gave me.. I'll give you some for more crafts =) I love their creativity!!

Janelle said...

Fun times with the Byers. I can hardly get over how much Aunt Bonnie and Cayden look alike. Still, I don't want to kiss Aunt Bonnie's cheeks. Just Cayden's ;)