Friday, November 15, 2013

3 months!

Ellie turned 3 months on September 18th! When you are as behind as I am on blogging, it is hard to remember everything. And sadly these little ones change soo much in the first year it's almost impossible to keep up! What I do know, is that we love her SOO much! She is still my little eater, and is growing like crazy! She has been drooling and chewing like crazy too which always makes me think she is teething, but from my past experience that might not happen for a while. She is always happy unless she is hungry or tired. Definitely more needy, loves to be held which she gets a lot =) On September 22nd she started to giggle for the first time which I love to hear and she is still our little talker.
We decided to try out the bumbo for the first time and she was enjoying it..