Saturday, November 2, 2013


On Septmeber 7th we went on our annual Carpinteria trip! Like always we had such a great time, we look forward to it every year and always wish it wouldnt end.
Ellie did soo great at the beach

Cayden could spend the entire day at the beach if we let him, he has soo much fun playing in the sand, making mud, building sand castles, burying limbs, finding sand crabs, he loves it soo much! Mike and I grew up going to the beach so it must be in their blood =)

Mike and Cayden were the only ones to make it out to the water sadly but they both had a lot of fun out there..

Relaxing and enjoying some grape juice

Love this guy..

The ladies

Brian and Trish were able to come out the first day and have some fun with us..

Out for Dinner..

Ready for bed..

The next day we decided to start out the day walking through the town that we love so much..

It is always a MUST to stop at the candy store..

Mike and Cayden went back to have fun at the beach while the girls stayed in did some more shopping =)

I love my mom..

We cant get enough of this little cutie and that crazy hair =)

having some fun with bubble gum..

Ellie getting love from Auntie Julie

Already looking foward to next years trip!!


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*Lauren* said...

Super fun!!! I had a blast the one and only time I came with you guys. Oh to be young again :) Ellie looks super cute in her suit!!!