Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mommy date!

Mike and I have been each taking Cayden out on a monthly one-on-one date. This is something we will do for as long as our kids let us =) For mine and Cayden's September date we headed to our local library where they had National talk like a pirate day!
Cayden having some fun while we waited for it to start..

We had a "real" pirate read us a really cute story and then we learned pirate facts and of course, how to talk like one!

We then went to another room where they had a treasure hunt where you went to different stations and played a game.

After each game they would give you a prize

Cayden making a pirate parrot..

This picture made me laugh after I saw it, apparently Cayden was going for a GQ pose, wish I had gotten the memo =)

Cayden all decked out wearing his cool pirate attire..
We had a lot of fun!


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