Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cayden's first ride!

Cayden has always been very interested in Mike's Falcon but always afraid of it. There were times he would not even want to be in the garage if Mike was in there afraid that Daddy might start it. So the morning he told Mike he wanted to go for a ride in it was a huge shock to both of us and something we wanted to jump on!

You could tell he was nervous and wanted to wear the head phones but before they left to drive around the complex he had already taken them off. He loved it and wanted to keep going every time they would come back to the house.

Glad he was able to overcome that fear!!


K♥C said...

yeah!!! so glad he got over the fear of the sound and can enjoy the fun! but you know this now means Cayden is going to want his own car to work on too LOL