Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Palm Springs!

My Dad was able to get the condo in Palm Springs for several days right before Thanksgiving. We have a lot of fun memories from when we used to go every year so I knew I had to take the kids up for a couple days! Of course the first thing we had to go do was say hi to the fishies..

The kids loved feeding the ducks off our balcony..

apparently Cayden and Papa didn't get enough sleep, they both huddled together on the couch the next morning...

There was a free car show going on so we thought we would check it out, Cayden loved seeing all of the different cars.

Cayden absolutely loves his cousin Claire..I think the feelings are mutual between those two..
We had a great time!!


K♥C said...

how awesome you got to be right on the water like that! and it looks like the weather was good too
I think towards the end of Aug they do the car show in the village.. lets try to meet up :)