Sunday, July 26, 2015

Polar Express!

On December 11th we got to ride on the Polar Express...well, sort of! My sister found out about this place and since it is Cayden's favorite Christmas movie I knew we had to check it out!! When we got there they gave our tickets to board the train and of course hot chocolate...

The kids loved the train ride!!

They were even given a bell after the train ride which was really cute..

Unfortunately we got there pretty late and they were about to close but at least we were able to check it out and ride the train, they had the movie playing on a big screen so we were able to watch a little bit of that as well. We had a great time!!


Janelle said...

So cool! There is a train not too far from us, called the Heber Creeper, part of the Heber Valley RR. Richard was one of the Santa's last year on the Polar Express and we were fortunate to go on it once, for free, thanks to some ward members that also worked there. It was really fun and it was so sweet to see Richard talking to kids as Santa. Glad you guys had fun!