Tuesday, October 25, 2011

18 months

I cant believe our little guy is already 18 months! It has been so fun watching him grow and learn over the last year and a half, some days I can't get enough of him and some days I have had enough, don't get me wrong, we love him more than anything, I just don't understand why they call it the terrible twos...it's more like 15 months. The main issue has been teething, he finally got 4 molars in one right after the other and during those few weeks he was not a happy camper. There were some really rough days and after they were in he was great but the teething has sadly started again.
Cayden loves to talk and says a lot of words, since he was 15 months he now says, motor cycle(gycle), tree, please, thank you, bath, bike, diaper, night night, sorry, water, juice, apple,tire, yellow (he thinks everything is the color yellow), although he has been learning blue which he says as well, and his favorite number is 2, he even tries to hold up 2 fingers when he says it. Cayden just recently started to put two words together but so far it's night night ___, and bye bye ___, In the last month or so he has FINALLY been calling me momma, he never used to which made me really sad and but now he says it all the time he even just likes to pat my arm or point to me and say it which I love!
Cayden loves the alphabet and around 17 months he new a lot of the letters! He knows, A,B,C,D,E,I,M,O,P,Q,S,T,U,and Z. He loves to pick out the letters everywhere we go, weather its on a shirt or a sign, anywhere he will say what they are!
Cayden still loves to look at pictures of Jesus and says his name every time he sees him, he still doesn't ever want to watch TV but the few shows he will watch a little bit of is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Never land Pirates, and Little Eintines...Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still by far his favorite though. Cayden still loves books but wants to look at them more independently now. Cayden absolutely loves to play hide and seek! He would play it all day if he could, he loves to run around the house and try and find where we are hiding. Cayden has been using his imagination which I love to watch, mainly using things as a phone but its really fun to watch him play and think what on earth is going through that cute little mind of his. He loves giving us kisses and all of his stuffed animals kisses.
Cayden is still pretty good with food, a sad little picky side has been coming through which we are not happy about because he used to eat anything and everything. The one thing I do love is his love for fruits and vegetables, most of the time those are the first things gone off his plate. I have been giving him silverware to use and he does pretty well he just usually ends up holding the spoon in one hand and picks up the food with the other.
A week or so before Cayden turned 18 months he started to tell me poo poo and pat his bottom and at first it was after he went, but then he started to tell me before. I got right on it and bought a toilet for him soo excited to see the end of diapers near but the minute we put him on it he freaks and wants nothing to do with it?? Hopefully we will be able to work on it more soon.
Cayden has been doing really well in Nursery, he has no problem with us leaving him there and sadly all of the kids in there are over 2 so he is the youngest but he still loves it and does not want to leave!
Here are Cayden's stats:
Weight: 24 pounds...25th%
Length: 31in....25th%


K♥C said...

and where is the 18 mo pic? =) Cayden is so cute and smart too! dont give up on the potty training though.. if he wants to do it at his own pace that's the best!
cya soon :)