Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L.A. Fair!

We had a lot of fun this year and were able to see a lot more than we ever have. We were lucky enough to have Mike's parents, my mom and sister to join in on the fun as well =)
Our first stop was where all of the trains were, we all thought this was pretty neat except for Cayden which shocked me because I thought he would like it the most, he had no problems until one of the horns(they were loud) scared him and from then on he clung on to daddy...
Cayden loved puting his face through these little guys that were everywhere and I loved it too because I got to see that cute smile..

We stopped at the NHRA museum for dad...

Mike and I raced and he beat me everytime, except for once because he red lighted =)
This one was pretty fun too but again, Mike always did better than me, I guess racing is just in his blood...I think I will just stick to shopping.

The dinasour museum was pretty cool, and luckily Cayden had no problems in there he really enjoyed looking at the "dogs" as he would call them...
The last stop was the petting zoo which Cayden loved as well, he even got to go play in a little hay maze...we had a great night!
Just noticed this but is that an animal trying to eat my arm?


K♥C said...

wasnt the dinasour exhibit great! I liked the one that was spitting.. it was funny. I think you should take Cayden to travel town.. he will like it and they dont have big scary horns either ;) glad you had a good time!