Friday, October 21, 2011

Cal Polly Pumpkin Patch!

We decided to try out a new pumpkin patch this past weekend. We thought the pumpkin patch was only open for two days and found out later that it is still open it just has a lot more the day we went which equaled out to a lot more people...and I mean a lot of people!! It was soo crowded and very hot so we didn't stay long but luckily it was close and free...besides all of the people and heat, we had a good time. I liked the corn maze, I had never been in one plus it was nice and cool in there =)
They had hay that was stacked really high so you could look at where you were, it was a nice view too..
Another thing I liked was how many pumpkins they had! There were soo many, on the way over we just saw a big orange hill and realized it was all of the pumpkins!