Thursday, October 27, 2011

pumpkin carving!

This year we were able to carve pumpkins with our good friends Jared and Amanda. Like usual we had a ton of fun together eating pizza, carving pumpkins, eating delicious chocolate chip pumpkin cookies Amanda made, and pumpkin seeds we made while looking at you tube videos and laughing a lot.
This was mine..
This was Cayden's..Mike spent a really long time on it because it was pretty much all shaving but it turned out really cute..
By the time Mike was done with Cayden's we were all done with ours so he did a quick free hand on his and it still looked really good..

This picture is too prefect..not only because the sizes of their pumpkins match perfectly with them but the faces make it even better...
We had a really fun night!!


livininlb said...

Very nice pumpkins!