Friday, December 9, 2011


The day after Thanksgiving, Mike, Cayden and I went out with Julie and Scott to Paris to go shooting! I have only shot a gun once before in my life and it was several years ago when Mike and I were dating..don't worry, we were at a shooting range =) I was not excited about taking Cayden knowing he probably would not wear the ear muffs and sure enough he would fling them off the minute we tried them on and then for some reason became deathly afraid of them so Julie ended up staying in the car with him the whole time. Luckily, Julie and Cayden still had fun!
Here are the boys getting ready..

I'm not going to lie, I was afraid, and this gun I am shooting wasn't loud and hardly had a backfire. It was another particular gun Scott had that I wanted to stay away from..
After warming up to it and learning how to aim and hold it...I was having a lot of fun!

Remember the gun I wanted to stay away from? Yea, that is me with it below. I was so nervous to shoot it and it took me what felt like forever to actually do it but even though it was definitely a loud gun and all..I liked it and took a few more shots =)

Scott had a fun idea to bring pumpkins to also aim at besides the other targets out there and this was what the end result looked like..supposedly I hit it once but I doubt that. Mike and Scott were having a little competition to see who could shoot the stem off first..I don't know how they managed to do it when it was hundreds of feet away but they did!
Auntie Julie and Cayden hanging out in the car..