Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Well here I am posting about Thanksgiving when Christmas is right around the corner, these holidays come and go way too quickly for my liking. This Thanksgiving was our first attempt at doing the complete traditional dinner and luckily with just a few bumps it turned out really well! The ladies getting ready to start cooking..Uncle Scott kept Cayden entertained by chasing him around the house which is in fact one of Caydens favorite things to do!Our turkey did not defrost in the time that it said it would, it seriously felt like it had still been sitting in the freezer, luckily we got it to defrost quickly, just didn't have a kitchen sink to use for a while...we also wer'nt prepared for all of the utensils needed for all of the cooking, with that said, when the last thing took cook came along which was the gravy, we were out of whisks until we found this little itty bitty one..I got a kick out of watching Mike use it =)
Mike and I were proud of our Turkey..
No one jumped at the chance to cut it so I thought I would give it a the way I have to mention that meat cutter I am using is from when my parents were first married..which is almost 30 years ago and it worked great..but we did enjoy teasing my mom about it of course!
Cutting it was a lot easier than I thought..after the first few slices I thought I would let Mike handle the rest =)

Our family starts up the Christmas music earlier and earlier every year(we just can't wait for it!) so of course we had it playing while cooking our little hearts out.. Auntie Julie and Cayden decided to take a dance break and Cayden loved it..

Cayden was sticking olives on his fingers..
I know, I know, why don't I have a bib?? Or at least put something else on him..needless to say, Cayden was a huge mess! Of course his favorite thing was the Jello which was not something easy to wipe off but he enjoyed the dinner just as much as we all did!
The family minus Brian and Ally who we missed, I have no idea why Cayden is glowing but it's pretty funny..
We had such a great Thanksgiving, I am soo grateful for my family!


Anonymous said...

You can buy a sink that is already integrated with a countertop, mostly in the same color or a complementary design. These types are easily scratched but are easily repaired as well. The bad side is if you’re tired of the sink, you’ll have to remove the whole countertop.

*Lauren* said...

What is Thanksgiving without olives on your fingers? :) Love that whole fam!!! Miss you all

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