Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Lights

A few weeks back ( I am really behind on blogging) We headed over to the lights we started going to last year. This happened to be the second crazy wind storm we got so it wasn't as bad but it was super windy!! We had some IN-N-Out before heading out to the lights!

Cayden was ready to see the lights with Santa!!

Here we all are! My parents, and Mike's as well as my sister and Scott were able to join us!

The very long walk back to the car was pretty crazy, the wind was blowing right at us and the whole walk back was uphill. We took Cayden out of the stroller so all of the dirt etc. would not get into his eyes but boy was it a workout carrying him uphill in the strong winds! Luckily my dad and I took turns..
Besides the crazy wind we had a blast and hopefully will be able to make it out again next year!!