Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cayden turns 3!

Cayden's Birthday fell on a Monday this year and we decided to surprise him with a fun day! I ran across something they do at Disneyland called Character Dining. I knew Cayden would LOVE this since he has always loved seeing the Disney Characters. I made the reservation for breakfast at one of their restaurants and we decided to keep it a surprise. We also invited Jared and Amanda which we knew Cayden would be very happy about. It ended up raining that morning and it was crowded. Mike thought we should walk to the park from the garage instead of take the tram since it was such a long line so I gave in and we did, well of course it started to rain harder and harder and we had no umbrella but luckily it cleared up while we were eating =)
The breakfast was an all you can eat buffet and there were a lot of options of anything you could think of to eat for breakfast. The characters would walk around the whole time and come up to the kids and take pictures with them and play with them. Cayden had such a great time..

Captain hook was pretty funny, he played a ton with Cayden with his balloon and was cracking Cayden up..

Tigger took him on a little walk..

We pretty much let Cayden decide what rides to go on and of course the first one was Buzz and of course Toy Story..

He also wanted to go on the Ferris wheel, he loves that one too and was being a goof on it..

While we were on the Ferris wheel we happened to see Woody so we went over after so Cayden could meet him..

Jared and Amanda could not make it to his birthday party so they took him to a store on the way out and let him pick out a toy, he chose this..
He loves it and plays with it all of the time! He had a great Birthday =)