Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pretend City!

The workout group got together towards the end of April to a place called Pretend City! I thought for sure Cayden was going to have a blast with all of the pretend buildings you can go into and play in and I was quickly proven otherwise. Unfortunately Cayden had no interest in the grocery store you could push the shopping cart around in and get food and check out, or the little houses, or library etc! I think he was a little overwhelmed at first so he really wasn't into doing much at all which was making me really sad but luckily it faded and he was of course going to all of the cars..
He loved this BMW and kept going back to it, luckily no one else seemed to care about it so he was always able to hop right in..

At the gas station filling up..

There was an ATM machine and Cayden quickly found out it would spit out money which he was excited about..

He loved this, especially when I pushed him around in it..

This was another thing he loved, he was the little sound/light man for a cute little stage they had..

The minute he saw a little boy on one of these he had his eye on it waiting for it to become free, he wasn't very good on it because it requires good balance but he still enjoyed it..

This cracked me up, there was a big sand area with a lot of tractors and sand toys in it. Cayden and I both (there were chairs for me to sit in) liked this area. Cayden loves to line up all of his cars, toys at home and I happened to notice he did it here. I think the only way he was able to get away with doing this was because there were no other boys in there =)
Besides the fact that it was far, expensive and crowded, we still had a fun time and it was definitely worth checking out!