Monday, June 3, 2013

Cayden's Birthday Party!

I love doing themed parties and for months I was sure I was going to do a pirate party for Cayden's third birthday. I had all of these cute ideas which were quickly shot down when my little boy informed me he wanted a Mickey birthday. I was shocked he even had an opinion and I was even asking him every now and then just to make sure he didn't want to have a pirate birthday. =)
Here are the invites I hand cut and made..

I drew this sign nice and late the night before the party =)

The tables..

The centerpieces that my sweet and very creative hubby helped me with..

The dessert table and the goodie bags I made. We had chocolate cupcakes that had mickey head sprinkles on them, oreos I made look like Mickey and also rice crispie treats shaped like a Mickey head.

We had a hot diggity dog bar along with lots of yummy sides..

The present table which was already starting to fill up!

I attempted to make his birthday shirt ( I pretty much made everything for his party) and it actually turned out pretty cute!

Singing happy birthday..

Cayden really enjoyed that cupcake..

Cayden got a lot great presents!

My dad thought it would be funny to wrap an orange up and pretend it was a gift, mostly everyone knew what had happened (refer to last post) so everyone got a good laugh..

It was a busy day but so much fun with friends and family we love so much!


Janelle said...

The decor and food and Cayden's shirt all looked amazing. Dang Katie, you rock! Love your hot red shirt btw. Tell me where you got it, please? Having done a couple of birthday parties and baby/bridal showers, I have to say, wow, that looked like a lot of stress and work. I know I get really stressed when I do parties! In the end, its almost always worth it. Glad it was so fun and turned out amazing. And it sounds like fairly low-stress??