Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our baby moon!

I was really really looking forward to our little mini baby moon vacation! With Mike having to travel so much to Sacramento last Summer for work he was able to get a ton of hotel points for the Hyatt. We were able to get a free night at the Hyatt in Palm Springs! We went over Mother's Day weekend and the one thing I wanted was that it would be hot and luckily it was.
Our life has been pretty crazy lately so this was a much needed trip for the both of us and one thing we wanted to do to on the way to the hotel was do a session at the Temple, we love it there...

We stopped at Ruby's by the outlet mall and had a delicious and very fattening lunch..

We changed and headed over to do some outlet shopping. I like usual had to stop at the bathroom and was totally surprised when I saw the toilets. The seat cover is attached to the seat and moves around when you push a button to put a new one on, it was strange, but I love that they have that but you still have to flush it yourself and that isn't automatic..

I of course didn't have much interest in going into any store other than the kid ones..

We got to the hotel a little before check in time so we decided to head out to the pool which was something I was really excited about..

That night we got ready and headed out to Dinner, this was the view from our balcony..

Waiting to be seated, unfortunately it wasn't the smartest idea to go Mother's day weekend which was the only one that could work for us but everything was pretty crowded..

We decied to walk to the movies from our hotel after dinner and we came across a GIANT statue of Marylin Monroe...I thought it was pretty crazy so I had to take a pic with her..

The next morning we slept in and went out to breakfast then it was time for more pool time!

After we checked out we went to the Palm Springs tram!

We were all ready to hike and that we did! I did better than I thought with how pregnant I was but it was so beautiful up there so it was worth it!!

Sadly after the tram it was time to head home..and this was the temp, yes it says 112 =)
We never ate lunch so we decided to make a pit stop in Redlands for some Cafe Rio! We had such a relaxing great time. We were excited to see our little monster but needed that nice little break =)


*Lauren* said...

Awesome!!! Glad you got to get away! It's been two years since Scott and I got away alone, so I'm jealous :) Can't wait to see pics and hear the story of how Ellie got here....